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Wild Swimming At Belle Isle

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The idea of wild swimming is something that seems to be really catching on .  At Belle Isle, guests are welcome to take plunge and dive into Lough Erne.  There are so many places to take a dip from the island and with some of our accommodation so conveniently located, all you have to do is simply step out of your front door to take a dip.   To be honest its not for me, but I can imagine it must be quite invigorating, apparently its great for circulation, building the immune system and can help loose weight.  Apparently there are other benefits too, but perhaps we’ll let you do your own research!  If you are a wild swimmer looking for somewhere a little different to swim and stay, why not check out Belle Isle, perfect for Wild Swimming Enthusiasts.


See the link below, which will give you a guide to Belle Isle and its island location.

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