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This Lady We Know As Belle Isle Castle

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Here at Belle Isle, we often refer to the castle in the feminine context.  Its simple really.  Apart from being a 17th Century Irish Castle, we think of Belle Isle Castle as an elegant lady, full of character, stories and perhaps the odd laughter line or two! We are really only custodians of what is a truly special place and when guests experience a castle stay, they often tell us of how they have enjoyed the tranquility, peacefulness, beauty, elegance and memories she has created for them.

So what makes Belle Isle the place it is? It is hard to pinpoint because there are so many factors.  If you are a city dweller like many of our guests (coming from whatever big smoke you come from) you will fall in love with the gentleness of this place.  It’s not manufactured at all and we can say that because it would just add to the work load!!!!!!.  Belle Isle Castle merely uses the landscape she finds herself in to provide total escapism.

What about the many weddings we’ve had at Belle Isle?  All we can say is that each couple sees something different in Belle Isle that helps them decide on a castle wedding that is truly unique to them. What we do know too is that Belle Isle opens her heart when a special occasion such as a wedding is taking place in the castle and she gets involved in the party as much as everyone else.


So if you’ve not yet been to Belle Isle, then perhaps its time you came and met this lady, or if you are a returning guest, you’ll feel like you are meeting up with an old friend.  Please click the following links for more information on our accommodation and offers.

Spring & Easter Offers 2024

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