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Peace, Tranquility and a Place Just to Be

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Peace, Tranquility and a Place Just to Be

We are half way though the year and have welcomed so many guests already to Belle Isle.  Many arrive at the estate not really knowing what to expect and then there are others who have been coming back to us over the years again and again.   What is it we actually offer that we believe is a little bit special?

In a busy world, peace, tranquility and a place to be can be hard enough to find on a daily basis.  That idea that getting away from it all, spending quality time with family or friends and enjoying the really simple things in life is becoming more of a luxury.

So at Belle Isle, we try very hard to make sure our guests get to indulge in the peace and quiet of the estate, the wonderfully natural surroundings, lake views and the simple pleasure of board games to keep tinies and teens amused.

If you are in search of a little peace and tranquility and you’ve not been to Belle Isle, why not come and stay, we’ve love to share this special place with you.

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