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#DonalsIrishFEAST – Donal Skehan is a Food Blogger, Cookbook Author, Food Photographer & TV Presenter from Dublin, Ireland.  

Donal has presented two 14 part, prime time Irish television cookery programs which have been sold to the UK, France and Brazil.  A new series is being launched this year, #DonalsIrishFEAST and we have been lucky enough to have been part of it.

First stop – Baronscourt Estate

Donal and the RTE film crew made their way across to Co. Tyrone to our sister Estate Baronscourt to learn, film and find out about the finest award winning wild Irish venison.

When Sammy met Donal…

Sammy and Donal

Mr Sammy Pollock (Head Gamekeeper at Baronscourt for over 35 years) #DonalsIrishFEAST

The RTE crew set off for the Sperrin Mountains to look for the wild Japanese Sika deer whom are very illusive beasts, BUT Sammy’s knowledge of the animal prevailed and the team were lucky enough to have spotted some.  So back to HQ in the Stable Yard to discuss the next Plan of Action and a hearty lunch.

The snow arrived

The snow arrived #DonalsIrishFEAST

The afternoon was spent presenting the show, learning all about the EU Approve Game Handling Facility with Estate Manager Matt Stuart, and Donal attempting to navigate a cattle grid.

Donal v Cattle Grid

Donal v Cattle Grid #DonalsIrishFEAST

Estate Manager Matt Stuart #DonalIrishFEAST

Estate Manager Matt Stuart #DonalIrishFEAST

Back to Belle Isle…

The following day, the fun began!  The Grand Hall in the Castle was transformed into a film set and Donal and the team where hard at work doing what they do best.  Cooking with local ingredients from Fermanagh and Tyrone: Delicious Irish potato pancakes, known as Boxty from The Kissin Crust.  The most succulent wild venison from Baronscourt Estate, and the most beautifully crafted Jersey ice cream from Tickety Moo Ice-cream.

Donal filming on set

Donal filming on set in the Grand Hall #DonalsIrishFEAST


#DonalsIrishFEAST – The Grand Hall

Donal got a bit excited about this one – his favorite recipe from the shoot!

Subtly spiced Baronscourt venison

Subtly spiced Baronscourt venison with a red currant glaze, forest mushrooms and sweet potato mash #DonalIrishFEAST

Team Photo

Team Photo #DonalsIrishFEAST

Thank you to all those involved – we had a great time!  Stay tuned as this program will be shown in June this year (2015)

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