Pike Fishing At Belle Isle

While you are enjoying your stay at Belle Isle, why not make full use of the tremendous Fishing opportunities. Belle Isle Estate has 4 pike fishing boats and 2 Garmin Fish Finders kindly donated by M. Founds, Anglers World.

Fishing Packages At Belle Isle Estate and Private Island

We offer fully catered for angling breaks at Belle Isle Estate where you can enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Lough Erne to fish.  For those looking for a challenge, the Pike in Lough Erne are of particular interest. Guests travel from France, Germany, GB and across the island of Ireland relishing the chance to catch a 50 or 60LB pike.

Why not book an angling package where your boat is included for the duration of your stay to ensure you have the best Lough Erne fishing experience.

Fishing at Belle Isle in Fermanagh

Fishing in Lough Erne

Belle Isle offers some of the best boat and bank angling in Europe. Catches of 200 pounds of bream are common, roach can be caught every cast, and one party of four reeled in more than 70 pike in less than two days, with the biggest nearly 30 pounds. Authorities such as John Bailey rate it very highly indeed.

Belle Isle guests enjoy a combination of river-style, small, and large lough fishing at their doorstep. There’s also a great deal of bank available for static bait fishing or wandering with a spinning rod. Pike come readily to all techniques: fly, jerk baits, lures, and traditional methods. This is tremendous ‘doubles’ water.

A two-minute walk puts you in legendary bream swims that can be exclusively reserved. Bream here aren’t shy, so there’s no need to fish lightly. Feeder fishing is the most successful method, along with float fishing, which can be great fun once the fish have moved into the swims. With so many bream, the action can be fast and furious.

“Belle Isle is a perfect location for exploring the pike fishing potential on the lakelands. My view is, it’s a Pike Heaven. A wide range of fish sizes from small jacks right through the weight system to who knows what. Without any doubt, there are 40 pounders to be caught and released. As a lifelong Pike expert, I look upon the Lough Erne System as a great adventure, such a vast expanse of water perfectly suited to Pike, every day is an adventure, you never know what size of Pike you might hook next. I look forward with relish to my next trip to this scenic Pike fishing wonderland.”

Testimonial from Gord Burton, Professional Predator Angler (the Piking Pirate)

Fishing at Belle Isle in Fermanagh

Coarse Fishing at Belle Isle

“Roach and hybrids are prolific around the bridges on the River Erne where it flows out of the lakelands. They seem to like the oxygenated water!

However there are numerous bays and islands to explore, and a boat hired from Belle Isle provides access to some exclusive coarse fishing. Gord Burton, legendary Pike Angler, pointed out a number of vast shoals of coarse fish he spotted on his echo sounder and we pre-baited a swim of 22 feet in depth for top coarse/match angler Baz Smith.

Following his instructions, we pre-baited with stewed wheat for 2 days. Baz arrived at the swim full of excitement on a really warm overcast day with rising water temperatures. He fished for 90 minutes without a bite. Being the expert he is, Baz decided to move about 30 yards up the lakeshore where the depth shallowed off to 15ft. Feeding steadily he proceeded to catch quality roach, hybrids and bream for the rest of the day.

Obviously, in warm weather, these coarse fish preferred shallower water. We learned our lesson, next time we would pre-bait different depth swims as a precaution. Fish will only feed where conditions suit them. The difference between catching and not was purely down to depth.

Martin, Gord and Baz choose Belle Isle for fishing the Erne System”

Testimonial from Martin J Founds

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