Fathers Day at Belle Isle

Fathers Day is just a few days away and we have already had some families celebrating this special day at Belle Isle.  Our courtyard apartments hosted to families during this weekend for Fathers Day celebrations where relations from across the island came together to celebrate two very different events.  First time Dad, Peter, came with his wife and twin boys to enjoy a special Fathers Day short break.  Enjoying the wonderful weather and peaceful surroundings of our island estate were just what Peter wanted at the end of a busy working week in Dublin.

Our second family came from Newry and celebrated an extended Fathers Day with Great Grand Father, Grand Father and Father in tow.  Cottages and Coach Houses were booked for this special 3 generation Fathers Day celebration.  8 grand children 2 dogs enjoyed the wonderful woodland, shore line walks and a family meals at Belle Isle Bistro.  Congratulations to all and looking forward to seeing you back again at Belle Isle.

Fathers Day Gift Vouchers Available – simply call 02866387231 to purchase you vouchers.

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