Belfast Telegraph Review of Belle Isle Bistro



Belfast Telegraph Weekend Magazine Restaurant Review of Belle Isle Bistro

We were delighted to have food journalist Joris Minne visit Belle Isle Bistro recently.  Its always a gamble to host a food critic however when the review gets a full page in the Belfast Telegraph Weekend Magazine it is not to be sniffed at.

The heady head line “An Impressive Flavour of France on this Erne island” set the tone for what was a very complimentary article.  Joris complimented the three course meal with high praise giving a wonderfully descriptive account of dinner…. “glistening salmon, served with a complimentary Reisling……………………..a skilfully jointed breast and leg of pheasant served with colcannon and a russet coloured cider sauce with little chunks of apple……………………. and a perfectly executed Chocolate Fondant to round off the evening.

At Belle Isle we aim to take the pace down a little for our guests, however Joris felt that his evening just went a little too quickly!.

Come again Joris we would love to have you.



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